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Difference among CRT LCD LED monitor

CRT means Cathode ray tube. It is mainly used in monitor which is known to us as a CRT monitor. Different companies make different kinds of CRT monitor. Now it is known as an old technology. So those companies are not produced CRT monitor. They are converted to fabricate LCD and LED monitor.
LCD means Liquid crystal display. It is used in monitor, TV. The main cause to Invent this kinds of invention is that the CRT monitor is too much big then LCD monitor. By this invention we can put our pc within short place. Again CRT is radioactive so CRT monitor is too much harmful for users mainly for one’s eye. LCD has low radiation so it can’t harm users.CRT monitor consume so power then LCD monitor. So it becomes helpful for a pc user to get enough backup from his UPS. And it is usual to get load shedding for a developing country like Bangladesh.
Again LED means Light-emitting diode which is using to fabricate LED monitor. It is also one of the greatest inventions of technology. It is also so latest then LCD monitor. It consume lower power then LCD monitor. It has no radiation so it is better than LCD monitor. It is not harmful for our eye. But one important thing is that LED monitor is high costly than CRT and low costly than LCD monitor.
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