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World Wide Fair CeBIT

CeBIT   is one of the largest IT fair in the world. It is held in Hanover, Germany. CeBIT means “Center for Office Automation, Information Technology and Telecommunication”. It held with a largest fairground of 450,000 m² and also 850,000 people come in this exhibition. Again different kinds of latest invention in technology are shown in this fair.
Germany arranges this exhibition every year. The history of this CeBIT is also so nice. At first it was held with a part of a big industry trade show. But now it becomes individual. U.S. of California becomes an official partner of this IT and Telecommunication fair.
In the last exhibition LSI arranged a second generation SAS6 devices. And that was there’s first solid state disk. Here was also some demonstrating CPU cooler. Different company comes here. Among them one company brings nice Graphics Card. The world class company ACER brings a Pico Projector which model number is C112.It also releases updated ethos laptop. Gigabyte also brings AMD mother board. ASUS showcased external blue- ray drive which becomes popular to the visitors. INTEL brings all- in one PC in this exhibition.
It is not only held in Germany but also held in ASIA (China), AUSTRALIA (Sydney), Turkey, New York. So this kind of world class fair should spread out whole over the world.
These kinds of exhibition are very important for the people of the world. Anyone can know about the latest technology of the world after going this kind of exhibition. It is also helpful for one company to complete their advertisement by showing here this kind of product. For more information go to : CeBIT+2011

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