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Organic Chemicals as Electronics Materials

Si is a semiconductor which is widely used in the field of Electronics. It is mainly used in many Electronic devices as important materials. It is used to fabricate the MOS devices such as MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor). It is mainly two type’s nMOSFET and pMOSFET. All of these are transistor which is an ultimate material of Electronics. Ge is also a semiconductor which could be used as like as Si. But there are important causes which make a great distance to using Ge as a semiconductor in Electronics. The main cause is that when using Ge in the depletion layer the voltage induced is 0.3 but for Si it becomes 0.7.
Si MOS devices can be 150 nm. So it is a part of Nanotechnology from nanofabrication where photon, ion, electron beam are used. But now it is converted to different things except Si. The main used things are organic materials. In the field of electronics industry organic electronics represents a fresh novelty. Organic chemical is used in these sectors because these organic chemicals are made as air-stable, high performance electronics materials. This performance cannot find out from the Si used devices. EMD plays a great role in this portion. The EMD is a group where electronics materials, cosmetics, pharmaceutical ingredients are produced. The EMD and London Centre for Nanotechnology manage key role which plays a great role in the field of Electronics.
The scale of OE (Organic Electronics) materials and formulation should be under controlled. This high performance will do a great change in our daily life. This business of OE and manufacturing of OE is globally increasing.
The inventions on these Organic Electronics are RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), AM-LCD (Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display), OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode), EPD (Electrophoretic Display).
At last we can Say that we should know about the newer and newer devices of technology such as we knew today about the invention of latest invention in Electronics technology.

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