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Mosquito Repelling Lamp

In the top list of world’s latest invention Mosquito repelling lamp is one of those invention. The place of its origin is China. The Entomologist said that this invention is mainly for repelling mosquito. Again different kinds of insects are also repelled by it.
The researcher of this company invented such a material which can emit one kind of light which repel the insects and moth. The business condition of this light is also awesome. It is so much favourite for Asian countries. The company gets reports from the customers of the Asia and that is positive. 
This is tested by Vector control research unit, university Malaysia, shanghai vector and also tested by Disease control center, Ghana. It is compiled with IEC and CE.
The main function of this light is to repel mosquito and this help people to get relief from the mosquito diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, and Fever. It is totally harmless for man it is also non toxic, non radioactive. So it is environmentally safe.
It is an energy saving light and the lifetime of a general quality’s lamp is 3000 hours. Generally it can save 70% of power.
The lamp is totally UV and IR free. So one can use it in his room without any hesitation. Again one can use it in the house of bull and cow. This helps the owner of these animals to make those animals from many kind diseases. So this animal can give enough output from them by giving milk, meat etc.
It is so comfortable for a man in his room and this will increase his efficiency. After all of this one should know how one can use it. At first it should be installed in a socket. The lamp should not be covered with paper or cloth. If one use it to a wide place it is must to give an enough distance between those lamps.
As it is a greatest invention of man so we have to use it in a perfect way. This invention makes a great change in our life to lead a comfortable life.
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