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Information on Yahoo Answer !

Yahoo answer is of the favorite site of all classes of people such as student, business man, short film maker, singer etc. One can ask some question which he/she want to know. One can give answer of any one’s question. One can also make question in this website.
In this website, there is a system of getting point. If anyone answers any question he got 2 points if anyone gives any question then he/she get-5 points. And there also a system of leveling on the basis of points example: Under 250 points is level 1. One can make any question as he/she want.
Many person give odd question and many person give odd answer here. But someone can get perfect answer for his question which is very helpful for a person. Example: If anyone ask about how can a person get released from ailent. Again someone can’t get a movie’s subtitle so he/she can become know about this asking question from Yahoo answer. So it becomes so helpful for us.
Many unwanted question are failed here. And also many unwanted answer failed here. Again many people take it as so funny places of asking and answering question. But we should about these kinds of work. But it is not meaning that we don’t use it as a funny place. We can also use it as a funny place but we should not make anything as a funny thing if it is serious for questioner.For more information go to :: Yahoo answers

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