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In the world of technology, iPhone bring a great change. It becomes favorite than all kind of multimedia mobile phone. A few days ago iPhone beats Nokia .It is a phone of Apple Company. Nokia always challenges iPhone on touch screen mobile but they can't. iPhone is a multimedia and touch screen smart phone. This phone is mainly made for internet using. As the touch of this iPhone is so first so people can easily use this phone perfectly. There are different kinds of iPhone such as  iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4G. Again iPhone is also different in memory space such as iPhone 16gb, iPhone8gb,  iPhone32gb.
Awesome functions are held on this iPhone .One of you  can make video call from this phone.This is a latest technology of this time. You get facility on a so much latest technology, WiFi.By this technology you can use internet if you get the network
The out looking of this phone is very fine. In the phone the photo zooming system is so nice. And this quality is not shown in other company’s touch phone such as Nokia, Samsung.
iPhone is mainly used by Americans but now the entire Continent’s people are using this phone. Another limitation in iPhone is that the memory space of this phone can’t increase by using memory cards. Because there is no slots of memory cards in iPhone but the memory space of iPhone is enough for using a phone.For more information go to :apple_iphone

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